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“ActivTrak helps us provide meaningful insights to teams, so managers can work with employees to create a more positive work experience.” Tim Calamari, Vice President at Globalstar
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Work Wiser by Activating Intelligent Insights

With new ActivTrak Premium, you gain powerful productivity insights to empower your people, hone healthy work habits, and optimize processes so you can do great things.

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Activate Intelligent Insights

Gain quick insights across major productivity indicators – efficiency, focus, workload balance and more – with views of your organization’s current state as well as ongoing trends.

  • Quickly identify where leading indicators suggest risks to productivity levels.
  • Understand how utilization levels are trending to ensure ongoing work balance.
  • View historical data to spot abnormalities or deviations from the norm across your organization.
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Cultivate Smart Work Habits

With ActivTrak, you get visibility not only into total work time, but also work efficiency with summaries and trends of productive time, focus time, and sources of distraction.

  • Observe productivity and efficiency to keep a pulse on employee engagement.
  • Understand if your team has the opportunity for focus time to enable creative thinking, problem solving, and development.
  • Review productive and focus time to see where you can minimize distractions, while fostering better focus habits.
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Banish Burnout

Quickly assess employees at risk for burnout and what factors are contributing to employee strain.

  • Assess where working hours are spiking or consistently high to identify team members who need support.
  • Understand if your team engages in healthy breaks throughout the day.
  • Identify and resolve inefficient workflows or workload issues.
  • Identify employees at risk of burning out as well as those individuals with low levels of engagement.
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Invest in the Right Tools

Understand which applications are used by which teams and how often so you can invest in the right technologies and training to power team productivity.

  • See how time is spent across application categories to assess if activities are aligned with roles and responsibilities.
  • Gain visibility into new applications that may need to be vetted to avoid compliance risks or redundant license costs.
  • Identify applications with overlapping functionality, or those with low usage so you can eliminate unnecessary license costs.
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Boost Team Productivity

Set goals for productivity and focus time to engage your team in creating a culture of continuous improvement.

  • View trends to develop team benchmarks and goals, and measure improvement against historical performance.
  • Compare actual performance versus goals at the team and individual level for key productivity and focus metrics throughout dashboards and reports.
  • Use the goals you set as guideposts in your effort to improve productivity and collaboration.
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Share Best Practices

View similar teams side by side to understand how they operate relative to their peers and identify opportunities to adopt best practices.

  • Review how your team is working in comparison to similar teams.
  • View application usage and time allocation to gain insights into variations in working styles and processes.
  • Uncover applications that fail to meet privacy and security requirements
  • Leverage team comparison data to train managers on how to coach their teams to unlock productivity potential.
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Empower Your People

Share personal productivity insights with each team member and collaborate on improvement areas so individuals can focus on what matters most.

  • Schedule emailed reports to share individual insights with each team member.
  • Individuals can review weekly activity to understand what is enabling or hindering their own productivity and focus.
  • Collaborate on changes at the individual or team level to support everyone’s full potential.
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Gain Insights for Success

View trends of how time is spent throughout the week and across application categories to understand normal working habits.

  • View daily summaries of productive, unproductive and total work time.
  • Visualize how time is spent by application category to assess if activities align with priorities and role expectations.
  • Spot spikes or upward trends in working hours to proactively shift workloads or consider additional resources.
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