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Gain access to new productivity insights, benchmarks and goal-setting capabilities through our Early Access program.

Balance team workload

Quickly see how work is distributed across your team and where burnout risk may exist

Improve Focus Habits

Better work habits allow for more consistent processes, faster problem solving, and innovative idea generation

Drive Organizational Change

Enable a culture of continuous improvement through goal setting & tracking

By upgrading to the new Premium plan, you unlock additional analytics and insights to help measure and optimize productivity enablers across people, processes and technology including:

  • Productivity and efficiency indicators
  • Team productivity benchmarks
  • Goal setting & tracking
  • Focused work analysis
  • Team activity trends
  • Workload balance
  • Technology usage and adoption

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Quickly assess burnout risk across your team and what factors are contributing to employee strain.

  • Assess how long employees are connected throughout the day and on what days they are performing work.
  • Understand if your team takes healthy breaks to disconnect throughout the day.
  • Identify employees at risk of burning out as well as those with low levels of engagement.

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These features are designed to help teams work better. With easy-to-interpret dashboards and detailed productivity indicators:

  • Teams can recognize the patterns that lead to success to apply them broadly
  • Identify actionable insights to improve performance and ensure healthy work habits
  • And enable a culture of continuous improvement through goal setting & tracking

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