Out of Sight, Top of Mind: Managing a Remote Workforce with ActivTrak

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different images of people working from their own homes

The number of employees working remotely is growing dramatically as businesses are opting for the benefits of a remote workforce. An increasing number of organizations have adopted a mix of onsite and remote workers including domestic and offshore telecommuters, freelancers and contractors. With a variety of work environments, applying a one-size-fits-all management strategy won’t cut it.

During this webcast, you’ll learn how you can easily leverage ActivTrak to better manage your remote workforce including how to:

  • Pinpoint workflow bottlenecks in operational systems for your remote workers
  • Identify which applications your remote employees actually use so you can plan/manage costs
  • Get visibility into new cloud applications accessed
  • Locate cybersecurity risks from open perimeter devices
  • Uncover compliance gaps from improper handling of sensitive data
  • Track effectiveness of remote worker policies and time management
  • View data insights on remote employee productivity
  • And more!