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Simplifying Remote Workforce Management for Google Cloud Customers

  • Improve engagement and well-being 
  • Measure and improve employee & team productivity and efficiency 
  • Understand technology usage and adoption
  • Meet corporate policies, regulatory and industry compliance requirements

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ActivTrak + Google partnership
  • 9,000+ customers

  • 450,000+ users

  • 94 countries

Work Wiser with ActivTrak Workforce Analytics

Improve productivity, hone healthy work habits, and empower teams to achieve big goals.

How we are different

  • We prioritize insight vs oversight to help teams build trust, respect and responsibility

  • We look at the bigger picture

  • We put workforce data in context and provide insights for employers and employees alike

  • We help teams optimize productivity and ensure operational compliance

  • We help teams work better together

  • We are affordable and easy to use

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