How Productivity Measurement Supports a Modern Approach to HR and Employee Engagement

The responsibilities of an HR professional have evolved from managing company policies, employment practices, benefits, and compensation to also include ensuring employee wellness, empowering managerial capabilities, and cultivating a positive company culture. This modern approach demands a new kind of talent management, leveraging data-driven solutions that provide unbiased insight into employee performance, productivity, and engagement.

In a recent study by the Brandon Hall Group, 80% of the HR leaders who responded rated productivity as a top indicator of increased employee engagement, while only 8% stated they were able to measure productivity.

In this brief we’ll cover how productivity analytics solutions can provide:

  • Data-driven views of employee engagement and productivity
  • Workload data to facilitate hiring and planning discussions
  • Ability to identify employees or teams at risk of burnout
  • Insights to support a culture of continuous productivity improvement
  • Insights for managers to identify employees in need of coaching or support



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