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The ActivTrak Viewer can be used across a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection. That is, running the Viewer on a VPN client, you can monitor activity on the server side of the connection.

You will need to install the ActivTrak Relay Service on the local network. It can be installed on the VPN server itself, or on another computer on the network.

The ActivTrak Relay is a service that allows the ActivTrak Viewer to broadcast across subnet boundaries when UDP broadcast forwarding is not provided by the routers connecting the subnets.

If broadcast forwarding is turned off at the router, the ActivTrak Viewer will not be able to see Agents on subnets other than the local subnet, unless the Relay is installed on those subnets.


The ActivTrak Relay is simple to install, has no user interface, and can be deployed using the same remote installation feature used to install the ActivTrak Agent. The .MSI file for the ActivTrak Relay is included in the Viewer package and is installed in the Program Files folder.

C:\Program Files\Birch Grove\ActivTrak Viewer\ActivTrakRelay.msi

It is best to install the Relay on a computer that will be running 24/7 and has a static IP address. It can be a domain server, a standalone server, or workstation. While it is only necessary to install the relay on one computer on the subnet, there is no problem using more than one computer as a relay.

If your Viewer is on subnet A and you wish to observe Agents on subnet B, install the ActivTrak Relay Service on a subnet B computer. Then in the Viewer, when configuring subnet B for viewing, enter the address of the relay computer in the optional field.