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ActivTrak in 2018: The Year of Recognition

2018 was a banner year at ActivTrak. Developments around the office, team growth, and innovative software developments led to many forms of recognition.

By Ramiz Khan

A woman holding a laptop with workforce analytics software, is surrounded by charts, graphs, emails, a credit card and texts.
The team at ActivTrak dedicated this year to pivotal decision making and major internal streamlining. As a result, we’ve been able to increase our growth rate and acquire multiple industry awards. By focusing on our product and customer service alone, ActivTrak had one of the most profitable years to date. We were able to set and beat our own internal record for the most profitable quarter -- twice!   There’s a lot to cover here, so I’ll separate this article into three sections: Let’s jump right in!

Developments Around the Office

We employed more people than ever before in 2018! With the peak number at 30 team members, ActivTrak had some ups and downs throughout the year but managed to end it on a high.

Team Growth

We’ve made significant additions to every department we have in order to increase the output and provide a better service. Take a look at our new team members here on our team page.   Another new team development at ActivTrak: Interns! We’re now accepting Sales and Marketing Interns for the coming semesters. [caption id="attachment_8294" align="aligncenter" width="553"]Intern Tim Nguyen ActivTrak Christmas in July Tim Nguyen, our first intern, talks to the team at our "Christmas in July" breakfast.[/caption] Our first groups have been nothing but stellar! If you or someone you know is interested in a challenging internship with an opportunity to do work that truly has an effect on the organization, check out our listings here!


The culture has also changed quite a bit in the past year. From re-vamped team breakfasts to our board games club, our team now has more opportunities to get together outside the office and learn more about each other. Some of our team members share their thoughts on the culture at ActivTrak in the video below.
Sometimes we hold events in the office like our Ugly Christmas Sweater day, our in-office escape room, and other events around the year. In addition to that, our team happy hours, our Halloween party, and our Hack-a-thon are some examples of new events that we hold outside of the office where team members may join on their personal time. Subscribe to our blog and follow us @activtrakteam on Instagram to stay up to date on new happenings with our team and around the office! 

Software Development

Our dev team took some major strides this year under the leadership of our new Director of Development, George Butler. Overall, we’ve released somewhere around nine major new features to ActivTrak over the year. That doesn’t even begin to cover the backend optimizations. The upgrades may be invisible while you use the app, but they are what really power the software. We also made some significant User Interface changes. Front End Developer Andrew Shaw shows off a few in this video.
These updates not only made the app easier to navigate and understand, but they were also necessary to accommodate the major feature additions listed below.

New Features:

  • USB Alarms
    • Trigger alarms and capture activity anytime a USB device is inserted, or written to so you can keep an eye on employees using external resources and sensitive files leaving company property.     
  • User Risk Scores
    • User Risk Scores let you keep an eye on individuals within your company that behave riskier than others. By assigning a risk score to each alarm, ActivTrak can score and highlight users that are triggering more alarms than others.
  • Data Center Choice
    • With the option to choose where your data resides, it’s easier for organizations to stay in compliance with new security regulations. Though we developed this feature with the GDPR in mind, this option gives all users more control over their data.

New Add-ons:

[caption id="attachment_8366" align="aligncenter" width="1440"]screenshot flagging adult content An example of an image flagged for possible adult content.[/caption]
  • Screenshot Flagging
    • Take the manual work out of searching for unwanted activity with Screenshot Flagging. One click of a button filters all of your screenshots to bring violent, medically graphic, and adult images captured by ActivTrak to the top of your screenshots page.
  • Screenshot Redaction
    • Redact sensitive information from captured screenshots. If any personally identifiable information (Email addresses, SSNs, phone numbers, etc... ) is captured by an ActivTrak screenshot, our software will automatically redact that information before anyone has a chance to see it. Screenshot Redaction helps a lot of our clients in the healthcare and financial services market remain compliant while still taking screenshots with ActivTrak.
  • Raw Data Access
    • Ever wanted to run your own queries, or build a dashboard using ActivTrak’s data? Raw data is now available to you thanks to Raw Data access.  This access gives you the ability to push it to your favorite data warehouse, build custom dashboards, or run any query your heart desires.
Our overview video shows off some of these newest features, along with some of the original features that ActivTrak users have loved for years.

Mobile App:

  • Mobile Alarm Configuration
    • Set, create, and edit alarms from our mobile app! Last year we released our mobile app, but it was largely for data viewing purposes. Now, you have the power to configure alarms from anywhere in the world right from your phone.


Every move made this year was designed to provide a better product and service to our customers while making ActivTrak an incredible place to be for our team. The philosophy behind this is as follows: If we focus on doing what we do every day to the best of our abilities, and if we can do those things with a positive attitude, then we can take our company to the highest level of success. To be honest, we weren’t expecting much recognition this year for our growth. We didn’t apply to many awards, and we weren’t interested in seeking high-profile placements. However, our philosophy worked and it happened anyway.

Inc. 5000 and Other Notoriety

In 2018 we made our debut on the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Private Companies in America at #1,491! This was the only award we applied for, and it’s the first year we’ve applied for the Inc. 5000. [caption id="attachment_8277" align="aligncenter" width="600"]inc 5000 ranking ActivTrak co-founder Herb Axilrod holds up a sign displaying our ranking, 1,491, on Inc. 5000's list.[/caption]
“This is great news, considering that we haven’t necessarily been focusing on growth.  Our presence in the top 1500 proves that if you concentrate on improving your product and your customer service, the growth will follow.  It also demonstrates that there is strong demand out there for workforce analytics," Herb Axilrod, President of ActivTrak
We also received a few notable mentions from PC Mag this year. They included us on lists for Best Employee Monitoring Software of 2018, and Best Business Mobile Apps of 2018! ActivTrak is on CJ Affiliates! Publishers now have an industry-leading platform to work with ActivTrak and generate commissions from referral sales. Know an interested publisher? Send them here to sign up and start working with us!


We’ve made a focused effort to create and provide more useful, relevant content for our current and potential customers. With the addition of our Content Specialist, Spencer Williams, our team has been able to not only produce more content than ever before, but it’s unique, tells our story, and highlights lessons we’ve learned from growing ActivTrak.  After all, when your company develops from a two-person startup in a living room to a global organization run by a team of over 30 employees (that is growing at 315 percent), you’re bound to learn something.

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It seems like we continue to best the previous year over and over again. This is the third time I’ve personally written a post like this, and I feel like I’ve said this every time: This year was a banner year at ActivTrak. There is absolutely no way we would have achieved the successes we have without our clients and partners that work every single day to do the best they can. If you’re reading this -- thank you for being a part of ActivTrak at this incredibly pivotal stage in our company’s growth. I can assure you this is only the beginning for ActivTrak, and our plans for the next year are bigger than they ever have been before. We want to continue to create a business, product, and service that organizations from every corner of the world will want to work with.

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