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Get instant visibility into employee productivity and engagement.

Gain insights across people, processes & technology. Make decisions that lead to better outcomes.

  • Compare remote & in-office productivity
  • Quickly spot burnout & disengagement
  • Optimize processes & technology usage
  • Assess capacity & balance workloads
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9,000+ customers measure productivity with ActivTrak

FAM Brands

Measure productivity and protect employee privacy

  • No keystroke logging
  • No email monitoring
  • No camera access
  • No personal device monitoring
  • No video recording
Measure productivity and protect employee privacy

Get the workforce insights you need to make decisions with confidence

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Identify productivity patterns that fuel success

  • Pinpoint sources of distraction
  • See where people spend their time
  • Review benchmarks, set baselines and track against productivity goals
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A report within ActivTrak's employee productivity monitoring software showing team productivity chart showing times spent during a week, and a single day report showing times spend by different employees.

Give managers the data to be all-star coaches

  • Ensure team productivity and engagement
  • Improve resource usage and identify training needs
  • See how time is spent across people, processes and technology
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Get visibility into remote and hybrid work

  • Develop the optimal hybrid work policy
  • See how employee productivity varies by location
  • Understand start/stop times, peak hours and distractions
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ActivTrak Location Insights Dashboard

Identify burnout and encourage healthy work habits

  • Spot signs of disengagement and burnout
  • Improve workload balance and wellness
  • Coach teams to use technology better
  • Track productivity trends over time
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Make data-informed decisions with visibility into where and how employees work

  • Guide workplace policies with location insights
  • See how change impacts your organization
  • Understand work capacity for headcount planning and resource distribution
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ActivTrak Impact analysis dashboard showing data for an organizational change.

Boost efficiency and find hidden costs

  • Identify and resolve inefficient workflows or workload issues
  • Pinpoint and consolidate redundant applications
  • Control SaaS sprawl and license costs
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“We love how ActivTrak gives us visibility into how our employees are spending their time while allowing us to be respectful of their privacy. It’s the perfect balance.”
Kasey Konkright

Kasey Konkright

Head of Talent & HR, Fam Brands

We understand that analyzing workforce productivity is a challenging task, so we created the Productivity Lab to help make it easier for you. Our mission is to ensure your success with workforce data so your organization can achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.

The Productivity Lab consists of a dedicated team of experts in workforce productivity, information technology and data science who can help you better leverage data around your people, processes and technology — the three main areas in which you can unlock productivity potential.

Visit the Productivity Lab

Insights from our Lab: Productivity 101

Tune into our on-demand webcasts to learn the basics of workplace productivity from our Lab expert!

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